:Video: Cop breaks car window to free bear that got stuck inside

The Subaru Outback is one of the most popular utility vehicles across America. Among bears.

Just a few weeks ago, one got stuck inside an Outback in Connecticut, frightening its owner and tearing up the interior before police arrived to open a door and let it out.

On Tuesday, one of its ursine cousins from California found itself in a similar predicament in Carnelian Bay, near Lake Tahoe. Also in an Outback.

This time, the bear had done so much damage to the car that the doors couldn’t be opened. So a Placer County Sheriff officer needed to smash one of the rear passenger door windows to set it free.

Video posted to Facebook shows the officer making several attempts to break the window before it shatters and the bear slips out the window and runs away.

Neither of the mammals involved was injured in the incident.

The Sherriff’s office noted in the post that bears “can open car doors and it happens A LOT!,” and agreed with several commenters that its best to not leave any food in your vehicle and that you should keep the doors locked if you live near a bear habitat.

Gary Gastelu is www.1m9w8.cn's Automotive Editor.

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